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Escape Rooms

Escape the Ring:  A Tribute to Jack Johnson

You and your Team have been challenged to the fight of your life!  Jack Johnson was "Galveston's Giant" and was the first African American to win the Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World.  He worked very hard as he fought fight after fight to achieve his goal.  After fighting for six years, Jack Johnson, finally won the World Championship against Tommy Burns on December 26, 1908. Today, your Team has to Ring the Bell before Jack does in order to defeat the Champion and become the next Champion in the History books.  Good Luck guys.....He is one tough Boxer!  You have 1 hour....GO!
Unlock the lost Treasures of Jean Lafitte
For years it was believed that when Jean Lafitte was forced to leave his home in Galveston that his band of pirates loaded up their treasure and sailed away only to wreck their ship on what is now called Deer Island which is in West Bay not far from the Galveston shore.

You and your team of Marine Archeologists have been selected to examine the wreckage from the ship in order to see if you can discover the secrets within. Other teams from around the world have also asked to be allowed to study the ship’s remnants in order to see if they can be the one who unlocks the secrets of the lost treasure. Because of the importance of this discovery, your team will only have one hour to find the treasure and escape the room.


ESCAPE THE RAID from the Historical Balinese Galveston

Your group is invited to spend a memorable night at the Balinese Room in its heyday of the 1940’s. There you will enjoy your time in the nightclub and maybe even try your luck in the Casinobar. But remember, the police are on the way to raid the club and shut the place down. You have only one hour to enjoy all the fun that you can and find your way out of the room so that you can escape the raid!

Start the CLOCK!  YOU HAVE ONE HOUR........GO!
Escape the Storm

The 1900 Storm was the most devestating Storm in the History of Galveston Island.  Imagine being the person in charge of notifying people of dangerous storms. Do you have the right equipment and means of communicating to protect the Island.  Do you have food, shelter, and other necessities to survive a storm?  You and your weather team are trying to save the people of Galveston from the nameless storm and escape yourselves from losing your own lives.  Get your team into a safe place and DEACTIVATE the have one hour.......GO!!

Dont wait for the Eye of the Storm to pass you your Escape Room today!
Escape Rooms have there UPS and DOWNS

Conquer your fears of CLAUSTROPHOBIA and ELEVATORS!
Have you ever gotten stuck on an elevator?  Feeling a bit claustrophobic?? Do you have what is takes to ESCAPE a broken elevator?  The sign said, "OUT OF ORDER", but you and your very CLOSE friends got on anyway.  Suddenly you hear some crashing noises and the elevator shuts down.  You have one hour to escape before the secondary cord breaks!  Good Luck my friends!  Can you figure a way out????  You have one hour!  GO!!!
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