Live Rooms - Escape the Island 2022

Escape the Island
910 21st St Galveston, TX 77550
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Live Escape Rooms
Its the ALL NEW
Not yet good are you?
There is a serial killer in Galveston County.  He/she has been around for a while and keeps getting away from the law.  Never enough evidence or witnesses to convict.  The cases get cold and another woman is killed.  Could it be the "Killing Fields Killer?  or maybe a copycat? or maybe just a crazy person on the loose that is smart enough avoid being caught.

You are new recruits to the CSI (Crime Scene Investigator) School located in Galveston County, TX.  Do you have what it takes to be a great investigator?  Can you find the killer?  Search the evidence, look at files, do your job!!  You have one hour to investigate AND solve some cold case murders or OOOPS, the killer gets away again!  DONT LET THIS HAPPEN!  You have one hour to find this killer or your dream of being investigator ends immediately.  One hour starts.......GO!!!

The Hidden Treasures of Jean Lafitte
Level of difficulty - Easy - Medium
Great for first-timers / Perfect for ALL Ages
For years it was believed that when Jean Lafitte was forced to leave his home in Galveston, his band of pirates loaded up their treasure and sailed away.  The ship wrecked on a small island that is now called Deer Island.  This island is located in West Bay of Galveston not far from Galveston's shore.

You and your team of Marine Archeologists have been selected to examine the wreckage from the ship in order to see if you can discover the secrets within.  Other teams from around the world have asked to be allowed to study the ship's remnants  in order to see if they can be the one who unlocks the secrets of the lost treasure.  Because of the importance of this discovery, your team will only have one hout to find the treasure and escape the room.  YOU HAVE ONE HOUR TEAM.....GO!!!

Escape the Elevator
Level of difficulty - Medium
Perfect Date night and small groups
Escape rooms do have their UPS and DOWNS!!!  Conquer your fear of Claustrophobia and Elevators!

Have you ever gotten stuck on an elevator?  Feeling a bit of anxiety just thinking about it?  Do you have what is takes to ESCAPE a broken Elevator?  The sign says "OUT OF ORDER", but you and your very close friends go on anyway.  Suddenly you hear some crashing noises and the elevator shuts down,  You have one hour to escape before the secondary cable breaks!  Good Luck my friends!  You have ONE HOUR until the Elevator DROPS!   Ready, set, GO...........

Escape the Basement
Level of Difficulty - Medium -Hard
Low Light
YOU HAVE BEEN KIDNAPPED, but NOT in an Attic.....You are headed to the BASEMENT!!!

You just think the Attic was scary, just wait until you are thrown into a Basement!  It's smaller and musty and cold...but and your team still have the opportunity to escape the crazed psychoplath/serial killer.  He placed you in the basement of one of the Galveston Mansions.  This Psycho has given you the opportunity to save yourself and your team!  Find the clues, work with your teammates, and save your lives!!  You have ONE hour or meet your killer!  On you mark, get set, and GO!!!!!!!

Escape the Storm
Difficulty Level - Hard
Very active, Non Linear
The 1900 Storm was the most devestating and deadly storm to ever hit Galveston Island.  Imagine being the person in charge of notifying people of the dangerous storms.  Do you have the right equipment and means of commuicating to protect the entire Island?  What about food, water, and shelter for everyone!  What a disaster that was coming with very little time......  You and your weather team are trying to save the people of Galveston from the nameless storm and Escape, saving your own lives.  Get your team into a safe place and DEACTIVATE the STORM.....You have ONE hour....GO!!

Don't wait for the Eye of the Storm to pass you your Escape Room today!
Escape The Raid from the Historical Balinese Room!
difficulty level - very hard
Note:  Alcohol and gambling present
Your group is invited to spend a memorable night at the Balinese Room in its heyday of the 1940's.  There, you will enjoy your time in the nightclub and maybe even try your luck in the Casino bar.  But remember, the police are on the way to raid the club and shut the place down.  You have ONE HOUR to enjoy all the fun you can and find your way out.....OR......GO.....TO.....JAIL!!

Start the CLOCK!!   GO!!!!

Fall/Spring Hours
Closed Mondays
4:00pm-10:00pm Tues-Thurs.
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10:00am-10:00pm Sat.
2:00pm-10:00pm Sun.

Nov 4th - 6th - Lone Star Rally
Nov 24 - Thanksgiving Day
Dec 24-25 - Christmas Eve/Day
Dec 31 - New Years Eve
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