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Hidden Treasures of Jean Lafitte

Quick Details

Adult Ages 14+
Child 13 & under

Can you discover Jean Lafitte’s secret in this Galveston Escape Room?

For years it was believed that when Jean Lafitte was forced to leave his home in Galveston that his band of pirates loaded up their treasure and sailed away only to wreck their ship on what is now called Deer Island which is in West Bay not far from the Galveston shore.

You and your team of Marine Archeologists have been selected to examine the wreckage from the ship in order to see if you can discover the secrets within. Other teams from around the world have also asked to be allowed to study the ship’s remnants in order to see if they can be the one who unlocks the secrets of the lost treasure. Because of the importance of this discovery, your team will only have one hour to find the treasure and escape the room.